• No bake? On electric models with a clock which has start and stop knobs, they need to be set to “man” (manual). Also make sure bake and not time back is selected.
  • No heat from the burner? On models with removable or plug-in burners make sure burners are firmly seated into receptacles. If either burner plugs are receptacles are arcing or burnt replace both. Call us with your Range model number and we will ship the replacement parts to you.
  • Oven temperature not correct? If oven is maintaining a constant temperature of 100 degrees above or below setting it can usually be adjusted. Call my Appliance Helpline at 1 (804) 730-6407 and I will tell you how.

For additional help call our Appliance Helpline at (804) 730-6407, only $14.95 for the first 15 minutes.