• Dead Refrigerator? Check the outlet to make sure that it is getting electricity. Use a lamp to test the outlet.
  • Door Seals Leaking? You should fix this because it makes your refrigerator inefficient and costly to operate. Small tears and cracks can be filled with silicon sealant. More damage requires replacement of complete seal, which are available through us or your local appliance retailer, order by model # located on the Refrigerator.
  • Running all the time? Noisy? On models with coils behind the lower front grill, clean coils twice a year and check fan is blowing air through grill. Also make sure rear cardboard cover is installed, this will insure proper air flow over coils.
  • Squealing noise from the freezer? On Kenmore and Whirlpool this is a bad evaporator fan behind the freezer panel. Don’t lubricate, just replace it. Order through us, by model number.
  • Refrigerator compartment is warm and Freezer is cold? Check that both controls are set int he middle position. The Freezer control is a vent control on most models and when turned up all the way, it shuts off air to the Refrigerator.

For additional help call our Appliance Helpline at (804) 730-6407, only $14.95 for the first 15 minutes.