Phone Help

For those customers that prefer to do their own repairs but need a little help, we offer a telephone diagnostic service. For $14.95 an experienced technician will walk you through your diagnosis and repair.
When you call, we will determine if we can help you diagnose or repair your appliance. If we feel we can help you we will charge you a nonrefundable fee of $14.95 and give you advice. If we feel we cannot help, then you will not be charged anything. We cannot guarantee that when you are finished that your appliance will work. If we together determine that your appliance is not worth repairing, we will be happy to recommend a new or used replacement. We also provide links at the bottom of our home page for most national brands.
We will issue clear safety instructions and will not advise you to do anything dangerous. We will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries to you or any other person, or for any damages which are a result of the advice I give you on the telephone.

Phone: (804) 730-6407
Fax: (804) 559-9360